LabLearner Discussions

LabLearner Discussions are designed for you to sit and discuss science topics with your child/student. Each slide contains rich content to stimulate intelligent discussion with your student regardless of their age. No more than 30 minutes needs to or should be devoted to LabLearner Discussions in any one learning session. Reviewing completed Discussions, on the other hand, will help your child retain the information.

Each slide is accompanied with limited text as a discussion guide. LabLearner maintains that directed discussion is one of the most powerful ways we can interact with and learn from each other. Such exchanges build depth of knowledge and critical thinking skills in your student (and you). Plus, its fun…give it a try! We will add additional LabLearner Discussions, so please check back.

Discussions Curently Available


COVID-19 Series


COVID-19 Series [NEW]


This link leads to the new COVID-19 Series of LabLearner Discussions. It is a 4-part set focusing on health, hygiene, and basic biology issues related to COVID-19. It is designed to stimulate discussions between you and your child. The series will give your child basic information about COVID-19 and health practices to help them through the current pandemic. At the same time, we will use this opportunity to advance their science and STEM education while away from school.

Push Me Pull You


Biomes and Water


Work and Simple Machines