Cognitive Workouts: Overview

Cognitive Workouts are short activities that either parents can do with their children or older children can guide themselves through with minimal help from adults. Most Cognitive Workouts include suggestions for altering the activity to make it more challenging.

The activities are designed to match with general domains of neuropsychological and cognitive function. They are not designed to be specific to an academic area (reading or math or science, for example). Thus, Cognitive Workouts are of value to all children for all learning activities.

We have developed the Cognitive Workouts to be applicable to three different child developmental levels  according to age/grade-level. These are Preschool (age 3/4), Primary (grades K-3), and Intermediate (grades 4-6). Further, to address the broad spectrum of interacting cognitive components and skills of the developing brain, we have divided the Cognitive Workouts into a number of sub-domains and skills as shown in the chart above.

We are including some Cognitive Workouts from each cognitive sub-domain for each developmental level to start things off and will continue to add new Cognitive Workouts over time – so check back. To get started, select a developmental level below.