Remote Learning Resources During Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, most of our LabLearner schools across the country have closed. We are providing this site as a free resource to preK-8 LabLearner students and their families. Non-LabLearner students can easily learn from and enjoy these activities as well! We will be adding new content periodically, so subscribe for updates. Best wishes to all children, worldwide, who are learning at home!


Cognitive Workouts

Just because school closes doesn’t mean that students should stop thinking! Cognitive Workouts use common household objects and provide complete instructions for learning and fun aimed at developing specific cognitive skills. Cognitive Workouts provide hours and hours of thoughtful activities for students of all ages. Kids love them!

LabLearner Science Discussions

This section stimulates scientific discussions between you and your student/child. The discussions are driven by engaging and interesting visuals that encourage and direct conversation. Try it, they are fun.

Teaching at Home

There are many things to consider when teaching, either at school or at home. We consider three aspects of pedagogy:cognitive developmentspiraling of content and concepts, and using hands-on approaches.

Technology Tips for Remote Learning

Many schools, universities, and businesses are temporarily opting for online communication with their students and colleagues. Here are some technology tips that can make the experience smoother.